Webisode #2-True North Media House

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We are excited to present Webisode #2 the True North Media House story. When content consumers become content producers, what”s next?  How about a place for them to all hang out, share and publish their content together.  Join the TNMH folks as the invite the world to join them in Vancouver for this very large meetup called the Olympics. Watch Here

We will continue to document this story during the Games and are hopeful to capture social media”s next wave.  Bringing like minded folks together to share content can only lead to something special.  New tools, new technology, new ideas, what will it be?

In this video you will meet “Techartist” Kris Krug and “Social Media Guru” Dave Olson.  I first met Kris and Dave on Feb. 3rd 2009. There was a shout out on Twitter about a meetup at a Gastown tech company for those who online casino were interested in exploring social media”s inclusion in the 2010 Winter Olympics. There was quite Mazz and Rick Grimaldi Show The Hidden Wealth System The People”s Law hazelwood school district with Mike Ferrara Your Retirement Quarterback Listen Live! Video NewsKate Has The Monday ForecastMore Videos Follow CBS Philly (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d. a buzz in the air that night as folks were excited about the idea of creating a non accredited media center.  That buzz has continued through the year and is reaching its peak  as So, today, we have a linked system, and this confuses people into thinking that bank loans bad credit is money. Citizen Journalist from around the world gather in Vancouver.

“The way media is gathered and delivered continues to change – tools like YouTube, blogs, wikis, Twitters, RSS, FaceBook … etc. are several years old and all over the mainstream news now while newspapers close and TV seeks new revenue streams. Major stories break by amateurs with media capturing devices on their phones and important work is created by talented under-the-radar writers, photographers, filmmakers etc. who have significant online audience.

We feel the tools are mature, the bandwidth abundant, the creators eager and the world is watching.”

From truenorthmediahouse.com which I invite you to check out.  Regardless, if you are new to social media or a wily vet (to grab an appropriate hockey term) there is plenty of interesting information and people for you to connect with at TNMH.

Thanks and check back for Webisode # 3.


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  1. DaveO says:

    Stellar work lads – i truly applaud you for taking on this important social documentation work to capture the community in transition. Now, let the wild rumpus begin!

  2. [...] with True North Media House, the With Glowing Hearts crew documented the W2 Woodwards arts project and April Smith and AHA [...]

  3. [...] with True North Media House, the With Glowing Hearts crew documented the W2 Woodwards arts project and April Smith and AHA [...]

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