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WGH on the documentary channel

November 17th, 2011 by Jon Ornoy | No Comments »

Hey everyone,

We”re really excited to announce that our television premiere is just around the corner now on Monday, November 21st on CBC”s documentary channel, 8pm EST/11pm PST.  Although normally a subscription channel, some fortunate timing has us airing during their free access month, so everyone across the country should be able to watch it no problem.  If you”ve already seen the feature length cut of the film, this will be your chance to see the slightly condensed TV You equally appreciate the swiftness, the spontaneity and the dynamism of Aquarians who will take you from adventure to adventure without giving you the time to get bored!There nbso is a danger that conflicts will crop up with Virgo and pisces horoscope today men. version which has some changes to it.  Please follow this link to find where your local cable carrier lists the channel.  If you have a chance to watch it, please leave us some feedback in the comments section.

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Toronto gets a second helpin'

October 4th, 2011 by Jon Ornoy | No Comments »

That”s right, as if you needed any more confirmation that Toronto is indeed the Centre of the Universe, then look no further than the fact that those lucky son-of-a-guns get a second screening of our film.  Well not Toronto online casino exactly, it”ll be taking place in Thornhill, just north of the city, and I guess therefore just north of the Center of the Universe.  The fact that we”re playing this particular multiplex carries some nostalgic weight with me as it”s one where I saw many movies as a teen, so it”s neat that now we”re playing there too.

Where: Rainbow Cinemas Promenade Mall

When: Sunday, October 23rd, 10am

Cost: $10

Tickets at the door or online at

Cross Canada Premiere!!

September 26th, 2011 by Andrew Lavigne | No Comments »

Thanks to all those who made it out to our screenings all across Canada.  It was great to see so many familiar faces and meet some new friends. We are truly humbled by the reaction to our film and the support we continue to get.  This was a GIGANATIC effort for Jon and I which was only made possible by the generosity we received from so many.

Seeing the marquee Pressure mounts on Taiwan gaming bill, Weidner intends take out if no resolution is met casino online by JuneThe Taiwan government is facing calls from a minumum of one resort developer to expedite the passage of the gaming bill that will eco-friendly light Casinos to become built-in the area chain of Matsu. in Ottawa at the Mayfair Theatre was a pretty cool moment…and really brought it home for me. A big thx to you all.  We are now excited about airing on Documentary Channel in Canada.  For those who have seen the film to date or have purchased a copy…this will be a new 52 min version.  We cut almost 20 mins out!! The 1st air date is Nov. 21st 2011.  Doc. Channel is 110 on Shaw & 325 on Rogers.

This Week Only! DVD + Movie Ticket Spectacular!

September 19th, 2011 by Jon Ornoy | No Comments »

That”s right folks, if you live in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa or Montreal, and you buy a copy of “With Glowing Hearts between now and Friday we”ll give you a pair of tickets to the show in your city casino FREE!  Before you enjoy it at home, see it on the big screen and bring a date. You can buy your DVD here

WGH 2011 Theatrical Screening Schedule

September 16th, 2011 by Jon Ornoy | No Comments »

We”re very proud to announce the cross-Canada theatrical presentations of the film which will be taking place September 23-25th.  We”re looking forward to bringing it back to the great venue at SFU Woodwards locally and are excited about the opportunity to present it to audiences out side Vancouver. In fact we”re sending Andrew out on a little tour to accompany the film so we hope that you”ll come to say hi and let us know what you thought of the film.  We”re also excited by the fact that other cities should keep their ears open for future announcements, and if you”re interested in bringing the film to your hometown, let us know.

(click on the links 191 Best Practices for Integration in a Big casino World . to buy your tickets online)
Montreal, Cinema du Parc, September 23rd 7pm
Vancouver, SFU Woodwards, September 24th  7pm
Toronto, Revue Cinema, September 24th   7pm
Ottawa, Mayfair Theatre, September 25th  6:30pm
And we”re going to be on the TV too!  For all of our friends in Canada, you”ll be able to watch the film on the documentary channel for the next three years with a first appearance happening November 21st (check your local listings for times).  For  everyone else, we”re very happy to announce our partnership with Montreal-based Filmoption International who will be representing the film international as our distributor

With Glowing Hearts-Ready for purchase!-#NV11

May 16th, 2011 by Andrew Lavigne | No Comments »

We are excited to announce the film is finished and available to purchase! You can click here or on the Buy the Film link to get your DVD.  This is the full 72 min. theatrical version.

It”s been a busy few weeks here at WGH.  Producer Jon Ornoy took our freshly minted DVD”s to the HotDocs festival in Toronto for “Schmoozing, selling, ambushing, talking, pitching, networking and a bit of sleep somewhere in between”.  With any luck we should have news for you shortly about broadcasts and screenings!

NV#11-seven for seven!

We also casino attended Northern Voice 2011. The 7th annual two-day, non-profit personal blogging and social media conference held in Vancouver, Canada on May 13-14, 2011.  It was great to run into old friends and meet new ones.  Dave Olson was speaking during a session of PhotoCamp about how his time in Japan influenced his creativity.  He also shared some great pics he took while living there in 1993.  It was also great to be able to present a copy of the film to Dustin Sacks, our first contributor and the one who got the ball rollin”.  One of the more exciting moments at this years conference was April Smith”s Keynote address!  April spoke about “Storytelling From the Heart of the City” and her unique and honest perspective on local issues in the DTES.  It was a very moving and inspiring keynote.  Thx April!

This was also a chance for us to catch up with the key contributors to our film and we look forward to sharing those stories with you shortly. Stay tuned!!





April 1st, 2011 by Andrew Lavigne | No Comments »

A little update from our Ottawa Screening on March 2oth.

We were excited to have a number of the YOW Social Media folk in the audience as well as a number of friends and family including Andrew’s Mom!  In attendance were @directoroffun @directorofbeauty @isfan @cherylgain @thestacey @daveChale @ndrewgrant @saundersfarm @michelineshoe @halyma and of cousrse a great big shout out to @wtl and @suzemuse who put the event together!!


We were very excited about the films response!  You can check out a review by @suzemuse here

“Saw the most amazing movie this afternoon about using Social Media for social change.” via TweetDeck

Andrew during Q & A after screening in Ottawa @pattybolands

Unfestival Part III

March 3rd, 2011 by Andrew Lavigne | No Comments »

Hey Ottawa, native son Andrew Lavigne will be in the Nations Capital for a community screening of “With Glowing Hearts…the #van 2010 social media story.”

Producer Jon Ornoy and director Andrew Lavigne at Vancouver Screening on Feb 12th 2011

The screening will But as for failures, horoscopes leo subjects are convinced that they are caused by tricks of fortune. be on March 20th at 3pm at Paddy Boland”s in the Market. it is a free screening and kidlets are allowed.  Come and see the Vancouver 2010 Olympics from the social media angle and enjoy Andrew”s first feature length movie.


February 15th, 2011 by Andrew Lavigne | No Comments »

Saturday was a great nite for us and we have you to thank.  We were so very proud to share our completed documentary film with all who attended our launch.  We were excited to screen the film and humbled by online casinos your response.  Here is a link to photos from the rest of the evening.

Get your Tickets!

January 18th, 2011 by Jon Ornoy | No Comments »

Location has been confirmed! Showtime at 7pm at the Djavid Mowfhagian Cinema at SFU Woodward”s GoldCorp Center for the Arts, 149 W. Hastings. Follow the link tickets.

Registration is now open for free So in order to find the cheapest option, and be sure they’ll find something that casino online actually works, people will continue to search for tips on beating saliva how to pass a saliva drug test s. tickets for our big screening on February 12th (location TBD). If you”re going to be in Vancouver, pleae join us and sign up here.